Three Tips To Help You Keep Track Of Your Keys

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Losing your car keys is an inconvenience that has plagued us all. You come inside and set your keys down somewhere, but when you leave the house again, you have no clue where your keys are. You then spend the next thirty minutes looking all over your home to try and find your keys but still can’t seem to locate them.

By now, you’re already late to where you were supposed to go, and your frustration is at an all-time high. If only there were a way to solve this predicament, you think to yourself. Luckily, you can try a few things that will help you keep your keys from getting misplaced.

Designate A Spot To Keep Your Keys

The first thing you can do may seem simple, but many people often overlook it. Having a dedicated spot to leave your keys will make sure that they are in the same place every time you look for them. You can have a basket by the door or a key rack on the counter; it doesn’t matter where you have this designated key holder as long as you use it consistently. This will make sure you don’t spend unnecessary time looking for your keys when you know they’re in the designated spot.

Use Technology To Keep Track

Not all of us can remember to leave our keys in the same spot every day. That is why there is another option for those of us who lose our keys way too often. Nowadays, technology has gotten increasingly advanced, and there is a solution for everything. Key trackers are devices that you can clip to your keychain and will show you the location of your keys anywhere in the world. That means that even if your keys fell out of your pocket somewhere on your walk home from the bar, you’ll still be able to go back and find them.

Call A Locksmith

Now key trackers work well if you have them on your keychain, but what if you lost your keys before you could get one? There is only one real solution for permanently lost keys: to call a professional locksmith. Professional locksmiths can cut a new set of car keys for you and program the key fob without hassle.  They can also replace your car’s ignition if you’re worried about someone else being able to use your lost keys on it. Locksmiths can be lifesavers, so if you find yourself in a keyless situation, give them a call!