Vehicle Emergencies, Don’t Panic! Here’s What To Do

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Whether it’s your very first breakdown or you’ve been around the vehicle emergency block a few times, the key to managing the situation is to remain calm. Staying calm when your vehicle leaves you on the side of the road may seem easier said than done, but by remembering a few roadside safety tips, you can be on the road again in no time. 


Get Your Vehicle To A Safe Place Off The Road

If your car is experiencing trouble, you should first get it safely off the road and out of traffic. Regardless of how extensive the issue is, slow down and turn on the hazard lights as moving your vehicle to safety is vital. Once you are on the side of the road, engage the emergency brake and turn the steering wheel away from the street or traffic area. If possible, stay in your car while you assess the issue and call for roadside assistance. 


Advise Other Drivers You Are In Distress

Even though the car is pulled to the side of the road or a safe area, it is vital to signal to other drivers that you are in distress. Your safety is the priority during a breakdown, which means people need to be aware of your situation so they can avoid hitting your car. If possible, place cones or reflectors around the vehicle and use flares or emergency lighting when it is dark. Place emergency lighting and cones around 50 feet behind your car if it is safe for you to do so. 


Call For Roadside Assistance

Even if you have experience with essential vehicle maintenance and can identify the issue, it is doubtful that you will have the tools and parts needed to fix your car on the side of the road. Changing a flat tire can be tricky under the best of circumstances, let alone with traffic wheezing by at 70 mph and uneven ground. The best rule of thumb is to call roadside assistance, either with your existing company or by calling the local area’s state patrol office for guidance. 


Locksmith’s Make Life Easier

Locking your keys in your car is also a type of vehicle emergency, especially if you are alone or in an unfamiliar place. Those of us who remember how to pop locks with a wire coat hanger may try sticking almost any object into our car’s window in an attempt to unlock it. However, modern vehicles don’t open like their predecessors, and you can not only cause damage to your car by trying this method but also fail to unlock it simultaneously.  Stay on the safe side and call a professional locksmith to get you in your car back on the road. 


Final Thoughts

When you are faced with a vehicle emergency, safely resolving the issue requires having a plan of action.