Ensure Your New Home Is Safe Before You Move In

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Moving into a new home is exciting and ensuring your safety and security in the new space is essential to your family’s health and happiness. Often new homeowners tend to repairs and upgrades that may need to be made to make a house more comfortable. Still, they overlook essential safety and security factors that should be addressed. 

Your new home will provide you with a great space to live, and you should feel safe and secure on your property for peace of mind. If you are moving into a new home or apartment, consider these vital safety tips to ensure you and your family are protected from unforeseen harm. 

A Professional Safety Inspection Should Be Conducted Before You Move In

If possible, arrange for a professional safety inspection to be conducted before your move-in date. Most homeowners assume that their new home is safe and secure, but advice from professionals will help you know for sure. 

Professional construction and safety inspections will tell you any unsafe aspects of your new house and how to address them to make your space safe. For example, many older homes may have been built with materials that are considered toxic by today’s standards and threaten your health and your family. Construction professionals can determine how to decrease the dangerous materials, so your home is healthy and safe. 

Get The Security System Up To Par

If your new home has an existing security system, you will need to call the security company to service the system and bring it up to par. You may decide to switch security companies and opt for a brand new system altogether. Please don’t assume that the existing system works properly, have it all in order before your move-in date. 

Ensure you are well covered with the security system and that it includes fire and emergency services, not simply an alarm device. Don’t forget to test each fire and carbon monoxide device, changing old units for new ones or changing the batteries. 

Change The Locks On Your Doors And Windows

If the house you move into is not brand new, have a locksmith change the locks before move-in day. Often, extra keys to existing house locks end up in the hands of strangers, something you won’t want to find out the hard way. Locks on doors, windows, garages and any outbuildings on your property should all be new or re-keyed to prevent break-ins from occurring. 

Final Thoughts

In your excitement and haste to get your new life started in your new home, don’t forget to address the safety and security concerns of your property. You will have peace of mind by ensuring your new home is up to code, has an upgraded security system, and is fitted with new locks.