Tips For Safely Handling Roadside Emergencies

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We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, which means a roadside emergency can happen at any moment. Whether a car battery dies, a tire goes flat, or you lock your keys in your vehicle, you should be prepared. Knowing how to respond to a roadside emergency safely will help you be prepared should one happen to you. 


Be Prepared

The best way to protect yourself and your property in a roadside emergency is to be prepared. Keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle will help you respond to emergencies quicker. You can purchase prepackaged emergency kits in stores or put one together yourself. Be sure to tailor your kit to the weather in your area and your family’s specific needs. It’s also good to have several backup kits and extra supplies. Here are some items to include in a roadside emergency kit:

* Jumper cables

* First aid kit

* Flashlight

* Extra batteries

* Multipurpose tool

* Bottled water

* Road Flares and cones

* Emergency numbers/ locksmith/ roadside assistance


Move Your Vehicle To A Safe Place

If you can drive your vehicle, move it over to the shoulder or another safe place out of traffic. When you exit your car on the side of the road, always go through the passenger side so you will not be hit in traffic. If you have to leave your vehicle, make sure you put a note on the windshield with your phone number and lock it. 


Make Your Vehicle Visible & Use Good Judgment

Make sure your vehicle is visible to others by turning on your hazard lights. If your emergency kit includes flares, cones, or lights, place them behind and ahead of your vehicle to alert other drivers that it is disabled. Be sure that the markers are placed out of the flow of traffic. If you are waiting in your vehicle, keep your seatbelt secured for your safety. 


Call For Assistance

Not all roadside emergencies are easily corrected; it is a good idea to have a list of any roadside assistance memberships you may have and local non-emergency numbers to call them. Be familiar with any roadside assistance services provided by your automobile insurance company. Roadside assistance and other professionals like locksmiths help you resolve your problem safely to get where you need to be. 


Remember, being prepared for a roadside emergency allows you to handle the situation more effectively and safely.