Do These 5 Things If Your Keys are Locked Inside Your Car

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There’s no need for you to feel ridiculous if you’re involved in a vehicle lockout. This is a common situation that affects lots of drivers. 

There are certain vehicle lockout scenarios that you may experience at some point in your life.

A vehicle lockout can occur due to attempted vehicle theft, accidentally locking your keys inside your vehicle, a jammed lock, or losing your keys. A vehicle lockout can be outright scary and extremely problematic if you don’t know how to handle the situation. 

Fortunately, you can try these 5 solutions to resolve your problem.

Stay Calm

Are you panicking from suddenly being locked out of your car? You can easily forget where you placed your keys if you’re in a fearful, stressful situation. Instead of pounding the car door in frustration and getting worked up, take a deep breath and try to remain calm. This makes it easier for you to think clearly and have better control of your issue.

Search Your Pockets

Is it your habit to keep a spare key in your pockets or wallet? You could be in such a panic that you overlook the possibility of searching through your pockets and wallet for an extra key. 

Contact a Friend

A vehicle lockout places you in a vulnerable situation. A friend or family member is a reliable source that you can contact to relieve you from your emergency. One of the people you contact may have a spare key or tools to help you unlock your vehicle.

Get Help From a Professional Locksmith

The easiest way for you to get out of your situation is by contacting a professional locksmith. The best locksmiths are speedy, highly skilled, and operate 24 hours per day, seven days each week. This gives you the convenience to call the nearest locksmith that can help you to regain access to your vehicle in a timely manner.

Call 911

If you’re stuck in an unknown area or have children inside your vehicle, you should call 911 for assistance. The police may know how to help you unlock your vehicle or contact a tow truck service on your behalf.

Consider All Your Options to Get Prompt Assistance

Regardless of your situation, your emergency can be easily resolved when you can rely on the most effective sources. 

At Mr. Speedy Locksmith, do not hesitate to contact our trustworthy team of professionals to come to your rescue. Give our locksmiths a call to learn how we can assist you.